Because of this, they usually require no more than removing the dead canes in early spring before they leaf out. Gardening magazine trialled different pruning methods for buddleia, we found the following method produced the best results. Deadheading. Grab a pair of secateurs and remove the conical seed heads that have provided you with structure and interest throughout the winter. The reason being, the stems are hollow and any water that accumulates in the stem and subsequently freezes will cause the wood to split. Buddleia plants should be pruned twice a year: the first pruning is a hard-cutting in the spring, with a second pruning in the fall to cut away the spent flowers after the blooms fade away. Sarah Terry brings over 10 years of experience writing novels, business-to-business newsletters and a plethora of how-to articles. Butterfly bush, belonging to the genus Buddleia and family Scrophulariaceae, is a type of flowering plant, which is native to southern United States and Asia. Cutting the stems back in fall can make the shrub more vulnerable to freeze damage. Avoid removing new, healthy growth from the butterfly bush, because you’ll also end up removing that year’s flowers. Pruning your butterfly bush is an absolute necessity if you want to encourage it to flower abundantly. Butterfly bush is a summer flowering shrub blooming best when located in full sun. Water your butterfly bush deeply once each week during the spring and summer whenever rainfall is less than 1 inch. There are two reasons for this. Some basic tips for clipping butterfly bushes are as follows. That’s it. The butterfly bush is a large, arching and upright shrub that blooms profusely from midsummer through autumn. There are about 100 species of this genus, which are adapted to various environmental conditions. Butterfly Bush Pruning FIRST: Prune your butterfly bush once a year in early spring, just as they begin to show signs of foliage regrowth. The leaves are elongated and arranged in an opposite manner to the stem. Buddleia davidii is a deciduous shrub with dark purple flowers that blooms June through September. As the buddleia grows quickly, you will have to … A When Which? Mountain Valley Growers: Butterfly Bushes. That means in most growing zones, there is no need to prune your butterfly bush before winter. Wait to prune your butterfly bush until late winter or early spring. In order to keep your butterfly bush looking its best, regular pruning is a necessary task. Spread a 1-inch layer of organic compost on the ground around your butterfly bush once each year in spring. Plants pruned this way start to as flower at the same time as plants pruned once in spring, but carry on for a week or so longer. Read here to learn more. Keep in mind the butterflies prized for … See more ideas about Butterfly bush, Pruning butterfly bush, Planting flowers. Here are guidelines on pruning butterfly bush, to help you in the job. Remove branches as per your choice by using a sharp pruning shear to maintain a desired shape. Water your butterfly bush deeply once each week during the spring and summer whenever rainfall is less than 1 inch. Many butterfly bush varieties are grown in yards as showy ornamentals. Plan the perfect garden with our interactive tool →, colorful butterfly on a butterfly bush image by Scott Slattery from, National Gardening Association: Plant Care Guides - Butterfly Bush. As the very name suggests, a butterfly bush is highly attractive to butterflies, honeybees, and other beneficial pollinating insects. Best to do in fall, about every 2 or 3 years to yield more flowers and a thicker shrub in the coming year. For proper maintenance, mulching and pruning these bushes in spring time are necessary. Pruning Butterfly Bushes. You can supplement the soil with organic fertilizers for better growth. The flowers, which are the main attraction of this plant, grow mostly on new growths. Those who live in the warmest zones can prune their butterfly bushes sooner if they prefer not to have the care stems in the landscape. Majority butterfly bush species exhibit a shrub habit (about 5 meters height), while few are trees (tallest being 30 meters long). Buddleia produces blooms from new growth, so pruning needs to be done before new growth appears in spring. Within a few weeks it will start into grow the give you a nice arching shrub, that will soon grow to around 6ft - 1.8 metres in a matter of a couple of months, and have fresh foliage, and large flowers drooping the branches over to give a pleasing arching habit. Deadhead the faded blooms from the bush once every week or two weeks to keep it blooming instead of producing seeds. Left unpruned Buddleia will quickly develop into a large shrub (3m/10ft) and can take over a smaller garden. For plantation, butterfly bush grows best in sunny areas and well-drained soil. Pruning also avoids this fast growing bush from killing other plants, which grow in its vicinity. Q How do I prune buddleia (butterfly bush)? Plant the butterfly bushes in spring or fall, spacing the bushes at least 5 feet apart. This butterfly bush is classified as an invasive plant is some parts of the United States. Butterfly Bush. Regarding the pruning time for this hardy shrub, the most common question is when to prune butterfly bush? Flower spikes form on new wood, so watch for new growth if pruning … In our area, these shrubs are almost herbaceous, that is, after most winters they die to the ground. If a severe winter is on the way this practice could be detrimental to your plant. Taking the stems back to around a foot in length is recommended. The fruit type is a capsule that contains many seeds. Rather, wait until late winter/early spring (March-April) to perform this task. Since most butterfly bush varieties can handle cold down to zone 5, they grow in plenty of climates with fall, winter, or spring freezes. When you're pruning the butterfly bush, always keep in mind that it blooms on new wood. Early OCTOBER. Some of the species are dioecious (male and female reproductive organs in different plants) while some are monoecious (male and female reproductive organs in the same plant). Spread a 1-inch layer of organic compost on the ground around your butterfly bush once each year in spring. Regarding the pruning time for this hardy shrub, the most common question is when to prune butterfly bush? Butterfly Bush – Pruning, Winter Care and Fertilizing. Wait for the right time of year to prune. Butterfly bush pruning is important, not just to maintain the shape of the bush. Leave the bare stems through winter if you can, letting birds enjoy landing on them near your winter bird feeder. It is often planted in the borders of flower beds or as protective hedges. While the flowering period for ornamental shrubs is at a near end or has already ended, this beautiful and heavy-growth blossom grove is riddled with panicles. It is suited for growing in any garden theme. Pruning a butterfly bush could not be simpler. Pruning these attractive plants becomes necessary for their maintenance. Nov 15, 2014 - We all know the importance of pruning shrubs and trees. When and How to Prune Butterfly Bushes Pruning Butterfly Bushes is easy. Just make sure you don't undertake this task … Like any other shrubs, pruning this bush is essential to enhance its appearance as well as to remove dead and diseased branches. No, this has nothing to do with following a rock band around on their nationwide tour:-) Deadheading is a simple task which takes only a few minutes. Though pruning can be done throughout the year, the best time is during cold months (for any zone), when the plants are in their dormant state. Choose a planting site for your butterfly bush that’s in full sunlight and has moist but well-draining soil. Because the butterfly bush is a hardy perennial it will come back … They're easy to care for and only require dead-heading and some annual pruning. Pruning Buddleia (Butterfly Bush): When doing your fall clean-up avoid pruning Butterfly Bush all the way back here in zone 7 where winter is approaching. Spread on top a 2- to 4-inch layer of bark mulch to help control weeds and preserve soil moisture. However, the butterfly bush can also be pruned in the spring with no ill effects. Pruning butterfly bushes annually actually enhances the flower display. That’s not a good thing. Butterfly bush is a favorite ornamental plant for many gardening enthusiasts. Cut back the entire butterfly bush to about 4 feet tall each year in late fall. Since these are hardy shrubs, they can tolerate frost and extreme cold conditions. The butterfly bush is a large, arching and upright shrub that blooms profusely from midsummer through autumn. One reached five feet, the other four. For the other healthy branches, cut till they attain a height of 2 - 3 feet. Doing so will help in easy recovery of the plants when the growing conditions are favorable. The flowers of a butterfly bush are vibrant-colored and honey-scented, attracting butterflies and other pollinating insects. When to prune butterfly bush: In mild climates, prune larger varieties in late fall or early spring to clean up and maintain shape. Depending upon the cultivator, the flower color may be white, pink, yellow, orange, red, or violet. If you do not regularly practice pruning the bush will age rapidly, bloom less and grow sparse in its centre. The plant blooms in dense panicle inflorescence (about 10 - 45 cm long), in which the flowers are tubular with four spreading petals. Though they may be lightly trimmed in autumn to remove any flower heads (and along with them, any lurking seeds) and neaten them up a bit, spring is far preferable for pruning. Butterfly bush tree, Buddleia – Planting, Care and Pruning . Secondly, Butterfly Bush likes a hard pruning. The butterfly bush produces fragrant, showy flowers that can be blue, red, pink, yellow or white, depending on the shrub variety. Prune dwarf butterfly bushes in the early spring. Soak the soil down to and around the butterfly bush’s root zone. There are two types of butterfly bushes: Buddleia davidii and Buddleia alternifolia. If it does not thrive, try relocating it into more sunshine. If you have selected a large Butterfly Bush variety, hard pruning in late spring will help to ensure the shrub doesn't get out of control. In simple terms, heavy pruning during spring may lead to late flowering of the butterfly bushes. At times, you may observe attractive hummingbirds drawing nectar from the ravishing red flowers of a butterfly bush. In cold climates, treat as perennials, cutting back close to the ground in late winter or early spring. Ensure that you do not over trim the branches, as the plants will require a long time for resprouting. However, certain pruning techniques will help promote more vigorous growth and healthier blooms. Prune the butterfly bush in preparation for winter. Though pruning can be done. The answer is…..ANYTIME! It will tolerate part-sun and bloom just fine, but the increasing shade will reduce flowering. Copyright Leaf Group Ltd. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. ANSWER: Fall pruning of buddleias or any other shrub is inadvisable. 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