5e The dwarf’s name has been granted by the clan elder, in an accordance with the tradition. As often, however, a dwarf might be motivated by a drive to do what was right for others (particularly their clan) or a love of excitement because, as settled as dwarves were, they rarely tired of thrills. Kolkarun 5. So I think about claiming the fortress, restore and re-populate it. Dwarven weapons cannot be sundered or broken by normal means. Furthermore, dwarves were not entirely unsocial and more than a few had a natural knack for bartering or judging the value of an offer, something that sat well with their legendary crafting abilities. A dwarf was traditionally considered an adult once he or she reached age fifty. Clan and ancestry are also important motivators. Dwarves are similar to humans in many ways though they're shorter (average 41/2 feet) and are known to be more enduring. :P. Caveblades- known for their sneaky cave ambush tactics Oreknuckles- idea from the Earagon book series: because dwarves are more hardy and dense they drill holes into their knuckles and screw in metal spikes or screws to be able to punch harder. Doldarun 3. Here's the list of surnames I use to generate dwarf NPCs in my world. Dwarves come in many different forms, but they usually have traits in common. So far I've given him Thunderfist. [13], Most dwarven clans focused on one or two kinds of crafting, such as blacksmithing, jewelry, engineering, or masonry. They're family, essentially, except you can join one, be adopted, or whatever else. [12], Most dwarves preferred living in underground cities near the surface and above the Underdark, built around mines that provided much of their livelihood. Dwarf Suggestions? 350 years[1] But if you wish to create your own dwarven themed puzzle, you’ll have to do this Dwarves in general stuck to these locales, disliking travel, particularly along waterways, but those who lived in human lands could make themselves quite comfortable. Londurak 8. Clan Melairkyn was an ancient dwarven clan of artisans, explorers, and traders.. [5], The last dwarven lineage formed from the shield dwarves of Clan Duergar. Bruenor Battlehammer I 3. DND 5th Edition community wiki. Dwarf:They are special characters serving for the kingdoms that are rich in ancient grandeur. Dwarven clans. Arctic dwarvesGold dwarves[4]Gray dwarves[4]Shield dwarves[4]Urdunnir dwarvesWild dwarves Dwarves strongly valued loyalty to these rulers and to the clan as a whole and even objective dwarves tended to side primarily with their kin over other races or communities. One of the so-called ‘Dragonback Clans,’ their hot-headed founder, Toruk Helhein, fell out with then High King Gorim Ironhammer during the Golden Age, leaving the Worlds Edge Mountains after a brief but bloody grudge-feud. Since the race is based on clan loyalty, the name is associated with the group instead of an individual. These hapless dwarves who lived beneath the Shining Plains were in time captured and enslaved by the illithids, becoming the separate but related race known as the duergar. Size 4e Dwarven city name generator This name generator will give you 10 random town names, which fit Dwarven towns, cities, strongholds, and other establishments. He also has a tiger companion named Pongo. [9], Dwarves who left their homeland to become adventurers did so for a number of reasons. It was under Aegrim Bronzebeard that the clan began to flourish and command respect. The first governing body was the Council of Thanes created by Colin Stonetooth as the head of it. [7], Many dwarves were difficult to like and lacked the charm of many other smaller races, such as halflings or gnomes, though this was not a trait common to all dwarves and some possessed a great deal of charismatic power. However, the dwarves aren't the only inhabitants of the mountainous region. Carved into stone, these cities might take centuries to complete but were practically ageless once finished. [14], Dwarves got along pretty well with gnomes, with whom they shared a love of fine crafting, and passably with humans, half-elves, and halflings. Toggle navigation Home. Once this trust was gained, dwarves held their friends to it and viewed betrayals, even minor ones, with a vicious propensity for vengeance. Dwarves believed it a gift and mark of respect to stand beside a friend in combat, and an even deeper one to protect that ally from harm. [5], In their own homelands, dwarves continuously carved out new living space, mining the mountains' riches as they did so. Outcasts are unwelcome in any hold and must make their own way. Dwarves were once a proud united race, but years of wars with orcs and goblins, internal conflicts, and other struggles have dispersed them across the lands. The vanguard of most Dwarven Lords, the Gemwall clan have a decisive and complete saying that governs their house structure. My brother's Dwarf fighter's name is Chubby of the Pumpeloaf (pum-per-loaf) clan. [7], Likewise, dwarves, perhaps moreso than most other races, turned to their gods for guidance and protection. Today, Muradin Bronzebeard heads[3] and represents the clan… Dwarves valued their traditions, regardless of the subrace they came from, and looked for inspiration from ancestral heroes. Many dwarven tales subsequently revolved around the sacrifice of dwarves for their friends and family. Distinctions I recently made a dwarf druid named Floki Boulderthorn. Toldorath 13. so we can say these clan names as the city names or town names of the dwarfs. Their descendants became known as the gold dwarves and would return millennia later with the collapse of Bhaerynden into the Great Rift, forming a new kingdom. Type Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Dwarves are a common fixture in any fantasy story. Wait and destroy that which lashes out at ye." Just as dwarves were known for their dependability as friends and allies, dwarves also harbored grudges far longer than many other races. Dwarves, sometimes called the Stout Folk, are a natural humanoid race common throughout parts of Toril as well as Abeir. [9] Dwarves aged much like humans but over a longer period of time, remaining vigorous well past 150 years. Humanoid Unknown 4. The same could be appropriate for Dwarven clans. Dwarves were eagerly sought after as warriors, their reputation for courage and loyalty making them excellent choices for bodyguards. Bruenor Battlehammer II, 1356 DR – 1362 DR 9. vampire. The descendants of these dwarves would eventually become the shield dwarves and forged the vast empire of Shanatar. Females typically composed as large a portion of the military as male dwarves did. We have excellent collections of premium quality D&D Miniatures, Scatter Terrain, and Accessories. Buy the best selling D&D miniatures online from our website at exclusive prices. [9], Dwarves could see in the dark, out to about 60 feet (18 meters). However, dwarves did succumb easily to wrath or greed, which were their most common vices. Non-evil dwarves looked to the divine for comfort and inspiration, while the wicked looked to their divine overlords for methods through which to obtain power over others. We recommend you to read about dnd outlander Suggested Characteristics We have mentioned all the tables for this d&d 5e clan crafter such as personality traits, ideals, bond and flaws too. Intimidating. [5], The dwarves in Bhaerynden prospered for centuries but gradually began to endure schisms and fractures, which drove the dwarves apart. Clan Crafter History, Insight One type of Artisan's Tools Dwarven/one of your choice Cloistered Scholar History, plus your choice of one from among Arcana, Nature, and Religion None 2 of your choice Cormanthor Refugee Elvish [11] This hair was often dark in hue, though among shield dwarves blond or red hair was just as common. Or a dwarf might Garumn Battlehammer 7. Lawful good To a dwarf, no honor is higher than the clans honor. Gandalug Battlehammer (reinstated), 1362 DR – 1370 DR 10. These clans are: 1. Dwarf Name Generator - Dungeons & Dragons is free online tool for generating Dnd Dwarf Names randomly. Dwarf D&D 5e Names: Generally, clan elders name the new dwarf according to the culture and tradition. 3rd Edition Statistics Dwarfs take their ancestry as seriously as they take their grudges. One of the most important characteristics of the Mountain dwarf 5e is its lifelong commitment to clans and traditions. [5] Dwarves were a tough, tradition-abiding folk known for their strong martial traditions and beautiful craftsmanship. I like a lot of earthy elemental names, too, Lots of my dwarf clans take the names of where they come from, such as their family tree originating from icy mountains, or a heavy volcanic area, or a mountain range that is exceptionally stormy due to the way weather fronts pass over it. Forgotten Realms Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. But that's it. The Mror Holds are known as the homeland of the dwarves. Size One of the protagonists was Khal Khalundurrin, a Dwarven Paladin of Moradin. Subtype(s) Common, Dwarven[1] Average lifespan Unusually for humanoids, both sexes naturally grew ample facial hair,[10] though the majority of shield dwarf females shaved their beards off. History Talk (0) Contains all articles related to the various clans of the Dwarfs. Pages in category "Dwarf clans" The following 14 pages are in this category, out of 14 total. Your bond is almost certainly related to the master or the clan that taught you, or else to the work that you produce. Dwarf name generator This name generator will give you 10 random names for dwarves. [9] Like humans, dwarves had a wide variety of skin, eye, and hair colors, typically pale among shield dwarves and deeply tanned or brown amongst gold dwarves. This idea carried on to relations with other races and dwarves were deferential even to the elders of another, non-dwarven race.

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