The building code (IRC) for decks applies whether the deck or porch is open or screened. The Ontario deck railing code is controlled by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (Building and Development Branch), and we at Art Metal Workshop strictly follow it. Building Permits are issued by the Building Services Division and are reviewed for compliance with the Ontario Building Code, the appropriate municipal Zoning By- The basics of the codes are similar, with minor changes from area to area. 2 grade, there is a method that can be used for estimating beam spans for a preliminary design. * Cutouts–A spa or hot tub can be set on the deck if the structure is reinforced to carry the weight of the water, or it can be adjusted directly on a concrete slab on the ground with the deck built around it. Image Credit: Morris Decks. Learn about deck cantilever and overhang rules and codes at The backspan of each joist – the distance from the beam back to the house ledger – must be sized properly. If the building complies with Part 9 of BCBC, which regulates the construction of houses and small buildings, then the structural requirements must meet the For pressure-preservative-treated southern pine no. It is intended to assist homeowners with their deck project while ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Ontario Building Code. RESIDENTIAL PRESCRIPTIVE EXTERIOR WOOD DECK SPAN GUIDE TABLE 3a - DECK JOIST SPANS INCISED (m) Maximum Allowable Joist Size 200 mm Joist Spacing 300 mm Joist Spacing 400 mm Joist Spacing 600 mm Joist Spacing Cantilever (mm) DF -L H FS P Nor (mm)3 38 x 892 2.30 2.19 1.98 2.01 1.91 1.73 1.82 1.74 1.57 1.51 1.58 1.52 1.32 200 Finished ground level Deck Beam Deck Floor Joist Header Deck Guard Typical Residential Deck Construction Details Frequently Asked Questions Column Footing Sizes to support columns and deck assembly shall be sized in accordance with Joists and Decking Boards. Once the excavation for your deck is complete, as an option you can put 6” of gravel at the bott… 2x6 Building 5'-11"ABOVE GRADE RECOMMENDED Standards 0 OTHER GUARD TYPE 2x4 (SEE ATTACHED) 100 Regina St. S. 1-2 1/2~ SCREW 2nd Floor Waterloo, Ontario MIN. ... let's say we're building a deck out of 2x6 lumber in an area of the country that gets up to 60 pounds per square foot (psf) of snow. Complete section 3 of the Ontario Building code. Building codes for residential decks only require 40 psf. The drawings and details specified are From searching around, I have gathered that if the deck is attached to the house, it needs pour concrete footings. Guards that have a bottom and top rail shall have a … The deck construction conforms to these details. sheet no. building permit application guide: drawing name: number of copies required: drawing . • Deck blocks can only be used where the deck is not attached to the house, the deck is less than 55m2 (592 ft2) and the distance from the finished ground to the under side of the floor joists is not more than 600 mm (23 5/8"). NOTE: All deck guards shall meet the requirements of the Ontario Building Code … joist spans as per table a-1 2006 building code additional information (checklist): 1. indicate the following on reverse page: length of lag bolts size of ledger joist span and cantilever beam span and cantilever joist size and spacing beam size and number of ply post sizes to be 140mm x 140mm 6. sample drawings. 5. dimensions and specifications of roof trusses and engineered floor systems are Section 3. by Mike (Haliburton,On) I would like to use the titan anchor for a free standing deck. Maximum 16'-6 "span for solid stringer (southern pine) Maximum 7'-0 … Stringers. These tables can also be used to determine deck joist span. Dec 6, 2012 - There are several factors that determine the maximum joist cantilever overhang that is permitted for a deck. The Ontario Building Code Online. Typically, wherever the deck is more than 48″ off the ground, codes require that the posts be braced to prevent swaying and rocking. The code includes regulations regarding the height, spacing, load, etc. Guards to be minimum 35" for decks not more than 5'-11" above grade and shall be not less than 42" for other decks. Where does the Ontario building code set out the allowable height for freestanding decks? You mention lots of familiarity with the OBC and also deck heights up to 6'. The code establishes a maximum vertical height of 147 inches (12 feet 3 inches) between landings or floor levels for a flight of stairs. CLICK-Before-You-Dig -OR- DIAL-Before-You-Dig: 1(800)-242-3447 for no-cost utility marking. They refer to the building code of Ontario, but I cannot find anything in that mess. That is, you still need a 36-inch high code-approved railing if the deck surface is more than 30 in. NOTE: All deck guards shall meet the requirements of the Ontario Building Code SB‐7 Supplementary Guidelines or be designed by Part 4 of the Ontario Building Code (Engineered Drawings). Floor cantilever spans shall not exceed the nominal depth of the wood floor joist. For example, in the joist span table below, the highlighted cell shows that 2" x 8" Southern Yellow Pine joists, that have a grade of #2, and are spaced 24" apart can have a maximum span of 10 feet - 3 inches (10-3) … Guards must be installed as per SB-7 of the 2012 Ontario Building code OR be of a P.Eng Railing system (See Note #2). Complete section 1 of the Ontario Building code. Decks that DON’T requirea Building Permit or Zoning Certificate include: a)Decks less than 23 5/8” (600mm) in height from walking surface to grade when measured in accordance with the Ontario Building Code requirements, b) Decks not providing access to the principal entrance, AND c) Decks not structurally connected to a building. Guards shall be installed for decks that are more than 23 5/8" from effective grade. must. Typically the railing is built inside the screening as in this photo (from my book Best Practices for Residential Construction): 42" FOR DECKS ~-----~ GRATERTHAN 2x4 MIN. 2x2 PICKETS N2J 4A8 (2x2 TURNED PICKETS and Table Complete section 4 of the Ontario Building code. The information contained in this document is for references only. Deck Railing Code Ontario. All our cantilever tables automatically factor in for lumber type, outdoor "wet service" conditions, code requirements, and any drifting snow load affects. walking surface of the deck (The top surface of the bottom rail on guards cannot exceed 5.5” in height off the walking surface of the deck it serves) 5. Ontario Building Code Wood Beam Span Tables December 15, 2018 - by Arfan - Leave a Comment Wood i beam joists cantilevers in the 2016 code professional deck builder wood i beam joists floor joist span chart leasord co floor beam span tables calculator To excavate the footing you can either use a hand clam shovel combined with a metal pry bar to loosen the soil and remove stones, rent a hydraulic auger (we do not recommend using a 2 man auger) or hire a company specializing in footing drilling. include/show (if applicable): sheet size: 11" x 17" address: designer: project 123 main street milton, ontario joe smith scale: as indicated. If the distance between floor levels exceed 147 inches, the flight of stairs would require a level landing somewhere in-between to break up the flight of stairs. Your online resource for Ontaio's complete online Building Code. Once you have your footing plan, you need to excavate proper diameter holes (specific to your deck plan and depend on the tributary load area to each footing) to a depth of 4’. Prescriptive construction methods recommended meet or exceed minimum requirements of the IRC. Section 4. In addition to the limit on a cantilever’s overhang, a deck must also be proportioned to balance weight on its cantilever. Guards must be installed as per SB-7 of the 2012 Ontario Building code 6. British Columbia Building Code (BCBC)³ dictates the structural requirements for exterior decks and balconies including stairs and guardrails. 2x8 Floor joists max cantilever = 15 3/4" 2x10 Floor joists max cantilever = 23 5/8" 13. I have been looking for specifics in … 12. Twaterloo HE CITYOF ~ D 35~ FOR DECKS 5'-11" OR LEss ABOVE GRADE a~ SCREWS 0 @ 12~ O.C. For DECK HEIGHT, the distance of deck walking surface to ground level at the highest point adjacent the deck, of up to and including 0.6m: no building permit is required. Floor cantilevers supporting an exterior balcony are permitted to be constructed in accordance with Table R502.3.3 (2). above grade. d-2. Deck Design Guide Use this guide to help you build your deck. Rim Joists are an IRC requirement. Build Code 2017. Deck Construction Guide Based on the 2012 International Residential Code Code (IRC) Where applicable, provisions and details contained in this document are based on the International Residential [bracketed text references applicable sections of the IRC]. deck deck structural plan & deck floor plan 2. d-2. Otherwise it can be a floating deck that uses those elephant feet deck blocks. 14. 50 Dickson Street, 3rd Fl., Cambridge, Ontario, N1R 5W8 Telephone: (519) 621-0740 Fax: (519) 622-6184 TTY (519) 623-6691 Building Permit Requirements for a Deck On a Single Family Dwelling A building permit for a deck is required when the deck is over 23 5/8” above grade at any point or if the deck has a roof. Section 1. building a deck information guide ... cantilever 2x6 12" not permitted 16" 24" 10'-4" 8'-2" 9'-4" lesser of 16" or 1/6 of total joist length ... governing codes including the ontario building code. 13ILLUSTRATED GUIDE For Building Safe and Durable Wood Decks and Balconies Joist spacing is limited to a maximum of 600mm (24”) or less for Part 9 buildings (BCBC Illustration: © Building Code Trainer, 2018 Although all possible efforts have been made to ensure that the information from this tool is accurate, the CWC cannot guarantee the completeness, accuracy or exactness of the information. The Canadian Wood Council’s Beam Calculator has been developed for the purpose of information only. Joists … The longer the joist, the more area of deck the joist supports, and thus the beam supports. building division. KEEP IN MIND. The Building Code requires a deck’s backspan be at least twice the cantilever extension. Minimum 2’-0” x 2’-0” X 8” to support 1 Storey loads. A Building Permit gives you the legal authorization to start construction of a building project in accordance with approved drawings and specifications. walking surface of the deck (The top surface of the bottom rail on guards cannot exceed 5.5” in height off the walking surface of the deck it serves) 5. These tables have been provided for your convenience. Floor cantilevers constructed in accordance with Table R502.3.3 (1) shall be permitted where supporting a light-frame bearing wall and roof only. Beams shall NOT cantilever.

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