Hibiscus – called Gumamela in the Philippines. In a few weeks' time, your social media feed will be pink with sakura or cherry blossoms from your friends' trips to Japan or Korea. We find this climbing vine with aromatic flowers growing as a weed in our area. It appears to be a Cosmos probably Cosmos sulphureus “Klondyke Mix“. This is a leguminous vine, Thanks to reader Danielle who says that it is called the Stargazer Lilly. Morning Glory Bush (Ipomoea carnea), San Juan Street, Molo, Iloilo City, Philippines. Thanks to reader Joy who identified it for us! Locally called a jasmine. Native to India. A kilo of agarwood fetches as much as P750,000. It is a very durable species, which FILTRA has used for decking, flooring, furniture, and gift items. Golden Arrow or Gilded Spoon (Plumeria pudica). Anyone visiting the Philippines can't help but notice the beautiful trees that line its streets, providing beautiful blooms year-round. Cutting Trees on Your own Land in the Philippines is not as simple as you might imagine!. however, including the Balayong, aren't native to the Philippines. Location: Panay Island Philippines. Below: Candle Bush (Senna alata) known to my wife as the Acapulco. Its red flowers are magnificent around February. © 2019 EsquireMag.ph, All Rights Reserved, IMAGE Courtesy of Kakaj Mori / Instagram - peachay (@_peachay), IMAGE: Instagram - Maharlikhang Mandirigma (@mantra_derfiraga). Article 679: No trees shall be planted near a tenement or piece of land belonging to another except at the distance authorized by the ordinances or customs of the place, and, in the absence thereof, at a distance of at least two meters from the dividing line of the estates if tall trees are planted and at a distance of at least fifty centimeters if shrubs or small trees are planted. 14:47. Native to the Mediterranean region. Though these Philippine trees are commonly mistaken as the Balayong (another cherry-blossom lookalike), they're actually a species of tabebuia and likewise bloom around April , which is more or less the same as Japan's sakura. A vivid blue double-blossom Clitoria ternatea (pukingan in Tagalog). These trees have adapted to the specific ecological conditions of the area. They can grow anywhere, but they're more common in the Bicol region. Heliconia, Hanging Lobsterclaw (Heliconia rostrata). We love it. Thanks to reader Aries Ativo, “I think the ACACIA PYCNANTHA that you mentioned is actually Acacia auriculiformis”, HELICONIA, HANGING LOBSTERCLAW (HELICONIA ROSTRATA). They also sell plants. Indigenous tree species have evolved in the same area, region, or biotype where the forest stand is growing. She also recently participated at the Madrid Fusion Manila as curator. Find out more here. There's even a park in Puerto Princesa dedicated to their stunning blush flowers. Garlic Vine on our back fence. This is a close-up of one group of blooms in our garden. I have not seen it intentionally planted in a garden but it is beautiful. Originally from South Africa, his flower is very common in our part of the Philippines, especially in hanging planters. The dwarf coconut trees are amazingly fast growing. See http://gernot-katzers-spice-pages.com for lots more information. Narra Tree. There is a gold rush happening in the jungles of the Philippines. By continued use, you agree to our privacy policy and accept our use of such cookies. Tigbauan, Iloilo, Philippines, Pasaw (Pseuderanthemum reticulatum). It is also the world’s most expensive tree. The Narra is low-maintenance and sturdy, which makes it a favorite for construction and woodwork purposes. We bought our plant at the annual Jaro garden show. It definitely likes full sun. Siar trees also grow in Subic and Olongapo. Crotons are native to India. Next two photos. Unlike cherry blossoms, however, they are closer in species to the acacia, narra, kamatsile, ipil, and tindalo. The best part is that they're tropical and proudly Filipino. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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