Monarch and Painted Ladies are the most common butterflies, but Swallowtail are also used. Releasing live Monarch butterflies to honor a loved-one is an extraordinary tribute. each for Buckeyes, Peacocks, Zebra Longwings, and other medium sized butterflies. Releasing live butterflies for a loved … The temperature needs to be at least 70 degrees for a successful release. Discounts on Monarch Butterfly release, save on Live butterfly releases for weddings, funeral releases and butterfly events. $10.00. each for Monarchs and other large size butterflies. We offer live butterflies for release to be pre-sold and released at your next event. BUTTERFLY RELEASES 1 FREE PLAIN WHITE RELEASE BOX PER MINIMUM ORDER OF 1 DZ BUTTERFLIES Our specialties are weddings, engagements, memorials, Quinceaneras, and birthday parties. The Release. Butterfly Pricing. Memorial Butterfly Release: Costs start at $50 for 12. Yet we want to release it at the best time for its own safety. Release butterflies for your next butterfly release event. Lucy's Butterfly Farm provides healthy, hand-raised butterflies for release at weddings and special events. Releasing live elegant monarch butterflies will add a special touch to your butterfly occasion. Live butterfly releases are an amazing way to celebrate life Painted Lady , Monarch, Gulf … Monarch Butterfly Pricing $90.00 per … Price is per butterfly. Whether your release is for weddings, ceremonies, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 15/16 or memorials, Butterfly Releases by S will make an unforgettable impact on your event. It is a unique way to honor and remember them. Butterfly Releases. Releasing them symbolizes the transcendence that your loved one has gone through. We guarantee to deliver healthy butterflies to you. Butterfly Release Price Specials - as low as $39/dozen! These soul sounds are carried through the air by the butterflies, and all who observe their flight are connected by a … Buy butterflies to release for your memorial to make that day even more special. Memorial Service Packages: Create a Touching Tribute. Our butterflies are available for release in individual triangular boxes. Please be sure to read all about the details of having a butterfly release at your wedding. Whether it's a wedding, birthday, or memorial ceremony, butterfly release packages will help give your guests a memory to last a lifetime. Two weeks advanced notice is preferred, unless the circumstances prohibit. Glassine Envelopes FREE. Live butterfly release for weddings, funerals or memorials, birthdays, special occasions Fill the sky with a butterfly release of beautiful Monarch butterflies, Painted Lady butterflies, or, in Florida, our Florida native mixture of butterflies, and make your wedding or other special occasion truly a memorable event. Choose the number of Butterflies you want in the boxes below. Live Adult Butterflies For Event Release. Orders subject to availability. We provide bred butterflies for release at weddings, proms, funerals and memorials across the New Forest and Hampshire for beautiful displays. Beautiful Decorative Box $15 . Make you event even more special with a Monarch Butterfly Release! We want to be part of making your moment the perfect moment. The Monarch Butterfly is nature's ultimate symbol of change, transformation and beauty. Use the order field to place your custom order. Euploea leucostictos AKA: Fijian Crow Butterfly. We furnish live Monarch Butterflies for release at funerals, funeral services, life celebrations, burial ceremonies and "Life-Changing" events. Adult butterflies must be sent Overnight Express. Personalized Envelopes 1-3 doz FREE – $15 for 40 – 100 Envelopes. All butterflies are guaranteed to be alive and healthy due to our Flight Proven™ Technology and other special methods we use to ensure that our premium live monarch butterflies arrive to you healthy and ready to fly. We are located in Southern California but hold permits to ship our butterflies anywhere in the United States. $ 21.00 inc. GST. When you would like to add a unique touch to a celebration that’s dear to your heart, a butterfly release is the perfect way to make a special moment all the more so. As the butterflies are released, read a poem, say a prayer, have everyone make a silent wish, make a dedication, or shower the bride and groom with butterflies. Packaging Options for Butterflies. Release live, beautiful butterflies on your special day. Releasing butterflies at weddings and special events is a gorgeous way to unveil the magic and say “I love you”. Prices as low as $34 per dozen for Painted Ladies butterflies! The Painted Lady Butterflies will tend to fly away after release, while the Monarch Butterflies stay and mingle with the guests. Shady Oak Butterfly Farm is dedicated to providing the tools and information necessary to experience nature in exciting, up-close and hands-on ways! A butterfly release expresses by sight what the soul feels, and these unutterable emotions ride on the beating wings of an equally speechless butterfly. Learn about butterflies and their life-cycle, the plants that attract them, and the tools that help with conservation. LIVE BUTTERFLIES FOR RELEASE: $11.00 per butterfly. Butterflies … The list price is indicated together with the discount you get when you buy the selected butterfly and the discount price for the item. Live Butterfly Release at Memorial Service. The most popular mass release of wedding butterflies is with mass release box with the bride and groom both untying a ribbon on the box then releasing the butterflies together.

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