The chance of landing such a fish on a fly is really slim, however, it is a great destination for big GTs. Practice stripping as fast as you can. Why? Most of these destinations offer excellent luxury accommodation and well-experienced guides. My favorite moon phase to target Giant Trevally is spring tide. I read that you could expect to get 10-20 bites per day, and that would be a good number. Lines broke. From NY it’s 31 hours total travel time from my house to my first cast. In this case, ensure you loosen the drag slightly. Apparently not only does Oman offer some of the most intense GT (Giant Trevally) fishing in the world, it is also a pretty intense place to visit these days… If you didn’t … The loop in the backing is created by making a double Bimini twist. If you can’t, if it thinks it can get away, you’ll never land it.”  The first 30 seconds of every bite I had was the wildest bullride of my life. Try and keep them as natural as possible and match the color to the bottom where you’re fishing. I’m not just talking about fighting the fish, though that alone is more than some people can handle. YouTube videos and fishing movies mostly show you the incredible eats and landed GTs. My biggest bite of the trip was like that, just on the edge. As unimaginable as it is to us, the prey will turn into predators occasionally. And next time I’m going to land that 40+ kilo giant trevally when he bites. If you want to catch one of these powerful game fish then kit yourself out … Funny, right? Finally, its feeding patterns understandably vary from region to region, and its diet does also. A panfish fly fishing guide shares everything you need to know about fly fishing for panfish including the best flies, techniques, and seasons. Into Fly Fishing is an Amazon Associate and also an affiliate for some other retailers. In the months leading up to a trip, anglers unnecessarily tense themselves up to the notion of these majestic creatures. Nothing I’ve ever done remotely compares. Some of his writing work includes blogposts for Alphonse Fishing Company and African Waters. The best color combinations are: There are two scenarios where you’ll most probably use this great popper. It’s a pain in the ass to tie, no doubt and there’s no other way to say it but you have to do it that way. Christmas Island, or Kiribati, offers excellent GT fishing. The giant trevally (Caranx ignobilis), also known as the lowly trevally, barrier trevally, giant kingfish or ulua, is a species of large marine fish classified in the jack family, Carangidae.The giant trevally is … Since being introduced to fly fishing over 21 years ago, he has travelled, fished and guided across the globe. Color combinations are chosen to be as natural as possible. Giant Trevally occurs in the Western Pacific and Indian oceans. Stay focused, keep a positive mind – it’s GOING to happen, drink a TON of water, take breaks, and trust your guides. This loop will make it possible to quickly change a fly line if required. The giant trevally (Caranx ignobilis) is a tropical species of trevally that is found throughout the Pacific and Indian Oceans. You lay down the fly 3 rod-lengths in front of the fish, perfectly. With commercial fishing pressure and reef destruction, there aren’t many places left on earth where these fish can be targeted regularly. A professional fly fishing guide shares everything you need to know about fly fishing for triggerfish including the best flies, techniques & destinations. Our article on The 5 Best Saltwater Fly Rods covered the most important characteristics a dedicated saltwater fly rod has. The second reason why we chose Indonesia is that this area is known to have the hardest fighting GTs in the world. Fishing methods include surf fishing, drifting, or still fishing … Long steady retrieves are made resulting in long bubble trails and big “plonk” sounds. After 4 days you know when you hook a giant. I learned I could that better all day with a 12wt rod, so I took the Douglas Sky rod and paired it with the Nautilus Monster and Silver King. The time change is brutal. You don’t want that. It grows over 140lb and reaches lengths of well over 100cm. It’s a great popper to use in the surf zone or on very shallow reefs and turtle grass sections. Thankfully Fishermans Central hooked me up with AFTCO hooded sunshirts and shorts, and I wore buffs and gloves from BlackStrap (FYI some of our gear the sun burned through it, so get high quality stuff). When the heat and physical demands wear you down you get mentally tired, angry, frustrated, and that’s when mistakes happen. Giant Trevally provide the most amazing sport. The tail is made from long chicken feathers (called Schlappen) and the body from palmered marabou. This will enable you to make better-informed decisions when you’re at the tackle shop, preventing frustration or a broken heart when things go wrong. This is a great attractor to use when fly fishing GT. Make them count. These loops will let you down. The Nubian Flats is a collection of small coralline islands in the Red Sea. The Villages fishing lodge on Christmas Island is one of our favorite and most affordable trips for world-class bonefishing, plus giant trevally, tuna and wahoo. Of the 5 things every angler must know before chasing giant trevally, the biggest is probably how hard it’s going to be for you to get one. Good fly line brands for Giant Trevally include: A straight leader made from fluorocarbon or monofilament is required. Our experts have selected their recommended tackle including rods, reels, lures, poppers and other gear for Giant Trevally fishing! This was the most incredible adventure of my life. Thanks man, Your email address will not be published. The reel’s time to shine comes when you hook into one of these incredible fish. The placement of the cast will depend on the body language of the fish. I recommend using casting braid of 80lb, or more, as backing. It is relatively easy to cast and has great action in the water. In shallow water, a floating fly line and a lightweight Clouser are the best choices. Mauritius consists of thousands of small islands. The best sizes suited to Giant Trevally are 4/0 and 6/0 hooks. If you’re fishing on wide white sand flats, 80lb is sufficient. It’s better to have a slightly shorter leader than not being able to present the fly to a fish. I feel confident that if I take the same gear when I go back that I will have no problem getting my fly in front of those bigger fish. And you should super glue the knot when you’re done and give it plenty of time to dry before you reel it back up. Find a congregation of baitfish and chances are that these bad boys will rock up sooner or later. Giant Trevally Fishing on Steroids. They can attain lengths of well over 100cm. And if you do, you need to be ready. Fishing tips for Giant Trevally (GT) When somebody says they just want to go fishing and get punished by something big and strong, the one fish that pops into my head is the Gangster of the ocean, the Giant Trevally. They’ll break 5/0 hooks and shatter 100lb fluoro. In this section, we’ll look at considerations to be made when selecting every piece of gear. I knew I would fish all day, every day, and I did. Here are things that will help you when you’re out looking for these fish. I realized when I got home that nothing I read before I left prepared me for what I was going to experience, so while I’m still fighting jet lag I’m going to write down what I think would be the 5 things every angler must know before chasing Giant Trevally in Indonesia. The sun takes no prisoners and offers no reprieve. This is a one of a kind game fish. This ensures that the backing doesn’t cut into the fly line’s loop.

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