It was a very frustrating moment to have lost that phone but as Scott pointed out – “thank f*** it was just the phone that fell!”. Joined 3 others from K7 Climbing on what was dubbed the Lake Louise Triple Header: Mount St. Piran, Mount Whyte, and Mount Niblock. Clearly some have felt the need for a rope likely on descent. I found the scramble up to the Whyte / Niblock col much different than I anticipated – even though there are lots of trip reports on the web. The painter So? It appeared to be well traveled last summer and more worn in. This section is comparable to the crux areas of Mount Stephen and of Mount Whyte in terms of exposure. Elevation Gain: 1350m. Niblock is considerably easier and you will want the extra strength/energy for scrambling up Whyte. Having returned to Lake Louise around 6am we still had enough time for a full day mission and opted to try Mount Whyte. Given our late start we wasted no time taking in the scenery of Lake Louise. Alright,… We managed to stay on route the rest of the way down. The mountain was named in 1904 after John Niblock, a superintendent with the Canadian Pacific Railway. On descent we found that staying far to the skier’s left / climber’s right kept us away from the most exposed spots, though footing was notably poor. The scramble up from Lake Agnes to the Niblock-Whyte Col is mostly a moderate venture. Whyte is much more difficult due to additional exposure and loose rock. Niblock is rated a moderate scramble, Mt. From the Lake Agnes I could see there was rockband about half way up. In case if you fall into the same fate as I did, don't worry, I created a cairn just for you somewhere on the orange line! Steep climb / intermediate scrambling up to the ridge between Niblock and Whyte (Beautiful view). Mount Whyte 2950m is one of the many majestic peaks immediately around Lake Louise. Pets allowed. I have to go there someday…. Whyte standard scramble route. From the parking lot by Chateau Lake Louise, we followed the Lake Agnes trail. The remainder of the ascent to the Col is a mix of easy/moderate scrambling. On the way up, I followed a trail going around this rock to climber’s right (east), but I found that on the way down, scrambling up this rock leads to easier route, so I recommend to scramble up this rock. Not recommended for novice scramblers. Postponed one week for smoke. Le sentier longe un lac et sa difficulté est évaluée comme difficile. Ben Dlin. By doing so he also convinced himself it’s not worth spending time opening Kane’s book (why did you buy the book then?) I thought the climb up the headwall was quite easy. Using the word generator and word unscrambler for the letters M O U N T, we unscrambled the letters to create a list of all the words found in Scrabble, Words with Friends, and Text Twist. Mount Niblock and Mount Whyte est un sentier en boucle de 10 miles situé près de Lake Louise, Alberta en Canada. Mouseover for peak pointers. or researching on the Internet.Approach:Took a trail to Lake Agnes from Lake Louise. The Lake Agnes Teahouse Hike. Mount Whyte is a mountain in Banff National Park near Lake Louise, Alberta.The mountain was named in 1898 by Sir William Methuen after William Whyte, a representative of the Canadian Pacific Railway.. Mt. I am not 100% sure if the line is accurate. The best view I have seen in Lake Louise area. Please submit any useful information about climbing Mount Whyte that may be useful to other climbers. Find the perfect mount whyte stock photo. Actual trail to Niblock is on hiker’s right (north) on greenery not on bouldering field at least near the lake.To Mount Niblock:Up to the lake it was so easy hike, but beyond the lake it made 180 degree turn to slag slag slag on rather hard scree. The initial set of ledges above Agnes follows up to the climber’s right of a small waterfall (moderate scrambling). Adventure Guides » Canada » Alberta » Hiking + Backpacking. Red is what I guess where I should have gone. When placing the phone into my chest pocket I missed the pocket seam and the phone slid out of my hand, bounced off the ridge, and toppled over 1000m down towards the Divide Glacier. I saw two big good looking cairns from the trail which I bet created by non-outdoor people. Fable is one of those peaks that "sticks out" from a sea of front-range summits, dominating the skyline and visible from many of the scrambles around Canmore and Bow Valley. Visit the Lake Agnes teahouse on the way to the 9763 ft summit. It turned out that the route was bone-dry, and the exposure was not as bad as we had anticipated. Whyte is pretty much protected by walls from col route. It was Devil who saved me!! There-and-back. At Devil's Thumb. Niblock in the #LakeLouise area. However the scramble up from the col to Whyte fits the classic definition of a Difficult Scramble: sustained route finding, fatal no-fall zones, and limited holds. Niblock is rated a moderate scramble, Mt. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. However I also saw a trail traversing to Devil’s thumb. A Gear Discussion – Going Light; Articles & Rants; Blog of Everything; Canoe Tripping – Tips, Tricks & Gear; How many 11,000er’s are there? It is a difficult scramble and when combined with a summit traverse of Mount Niblock, the … Not recommended for novice scramblers. Once away from the gully things eased up and before we knew it we were back at the Col. Sure enough just as it had two years previously, a rouge storm blew in as we begun our descent from the col. We had to make a dash back down to Lake Agnes as it was thundering loudly and hailing enough that we kept our helmets on all the way to the tea house. Mount Temple Scramble Banff + Yoho, Alberta . Niblock is rated a moderate scramble, Mt. This leads to the summit block, which involves side cliffing around before accessing a weakness to scramble further up.There is a bolted anchor station along the ridge section before the side cliff part starts. As warned by Kane, the route is littered with cairns indicating incorrect routes from other scramblers. Once at that col the trail is well defined the rest of the way to the summit. To top things off, I had the misfortune of dropping my Iphone off Mount Whyte’s summit block. I had  just taken it out of my pack for the first time all day to get a video-pano from Whyte’s summit. Whyte is much more difficult due to additional exposure and loose rock. Spot the Banff Wildlife . On the other hand, the wall is the only the major difficulty and rest are ok.Descent:I took an alternate descent route. After finishing Wapta Mountain, Yukness Mountain, and Mount Whyte in the previous three days, I was supposed to take a day off to rest.. If you’re an experienced Scrambler you can keep going past to summit Mount Niblock (moderate scramble) or Mount Whyte (difficult!). Whyte is usually combined with Mount Niblock (2,976 m (9,764 ft)) when done as a scramble. Mount Whyte 2950m is one of the many majestic peaks immediately around Lake Louise. I will promise I will be bad from now on! Blue is what I found there is actually a trail!! Little Yoho area. Niblock was an early promoter of tourism in the Rockies and influenced the naming of some of the CPR stops in Western Canada. Whyte is combined with Mount Niblock when done as a scramble. However, while Mt. It's for normal route from Lake Agnes.Bushwhacking from hell. See page 12 for route line. Right after Niblock / Whyte col. Mouseover for route line. The difficulty was routefinding on the descent. Mouseover for lines. I teamed up with Scott for this trip, which was actually a back-up trip. I ascended Mt. By doing so my way was all blocked by cliffs… In the end, I had to bushwhack and traverse south of Whyte’s east ridge all the way to Devil’s Thumb (page 18). Once up the rockband, keep going straight until you see a rockband on your right, you have to go around it … Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. The scramble up Whyte is sustained in Difficulty and requires sufficient route finding skills. Mount Niblock and Mount Whyte es un sendero circular de 10 millas localizado cerca de Lake Louise, Alberta, Canadá. We took a short break and enjoyed the views knowing that this was the end of the easy parts. You will have to scramble up a scree slope, take it on the right side to save your energy, close to the grassy slope. Not Allowed. Trip Alpine Scramble - White Chuck Mountain/Northwest Route. Whyte is usually combined with Mount Niblock (2,976m) when done as a scramble.However, while Mt. See page 19 for lines.From Devil’s thumb, I took a loose gully down to the same trail I took on the way up near Lake Agnes. Niblock is rated a moderate scramble, Mt. Mount Whyte . Mt. Fortunately he was okay and climbed safely back up to the correct route, returning home in one piece. However the scramble up from the col to Whyte fits the classic definition of a Difficult Scramble: sustained route finding, fatal no-fall zones, and limited holds. At 3140 m, Mist Mountain is the highest mountain east of Highwood Pass and thus offers outstanding views of the area.It is also a very easy scramble, requiring no more than stamina and a tolerance for scree. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips. Scramble; Ski; Snowshoe; Links, Lists & Other Stuff. From the Col we could see the entire route up Mount Whyte before us. Above are the results of unscrambling mount. CLICK BLANK SPACE OR PRESS ESCAPE TO EXIT, Location: Banff National Park (Lake Louise), Estimated Time: 9-11 hrs (including Niblock), Estimated Time: 2-3 (from near Lake Agnes). The way to the summit seemed uncertain at some point after this but surly trails and cairns lead me to the summit.To Mount Whyte:Trail to Whyte became even less visible compared to Niblock which is quite understandable considering the difficulty of this summit, which is according to my intuition, easy-difficult, but in reality it was well above average difficult. See page 20 for route line.From Niblock / Whyte col, the first obstacle was about 3 m high rock with crack in the middle (page 7). Distance. Mount Whyte Climbing Notes. Mount Whyte 2950m is one of the many majestic peaks immediately around Lake Louise. Mount Lougheed Scramble Some friends and I scrambled up Peak III of Mount Lougheed on November 7, 2010 in Kananaskis Country in Alberta, Canada. Scrambling up this rockband was somewhat more difficult than its angle because the rock was rounded by water.After the rockband, terrain flattened for a bit and I saw couple of bivy spots. Its quite rotten here compared to the rest of the mountain and we struggled to stay on route. By guessing I determined that I need to get down to Plain of the Six Glaciers Trail, but what I didn’t guess was, I wasn’t supposed to go straight down to the trail, which Kane does mention in his book. Mount Niblock and Mount Whyte is a 10 mile loop trail located near Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada that features a lake and is rated as difficult. Whyte is one of the “difficult scrambles” nearby Lake Louise and while hordes of tourists attempt to go up Mt. Mt. What a day! I don’t understand route description decided to ignorantly persuade himself Mount Whyte is an easy-difficult and it wouldn’t be any problem soloing. The gully Kane warns about is especially exposed given the downward angled rock in that area. Although it had been two years since I had last scrambled up Mount Niblock, the route up was quite familiar. There is one area above the gully where one has to venture slightly right before continuing upwards again. Didn't use any audio tracks for this one. The other area of significant exposure was the gully again that Kane warns about in Scrambles. The cairns indicted nothing. Mt. Round Trip: 8 Hours. Hiking info, trail maps, and 19 trip reports from Mount Whyte (2,993 m) in Alberta Connecting ridge looks like a dam. It’s summit can be seen from Lake Agnes, which also is the access point for the route. However, while Mt. The entire Northover Ridge Traverse plus 3 scrambles was in order, oh well :) The previous evening, I drove back to Canmore, and turned on my laptop in MacDonald. The grey rock area was a bit messy on return. Niblock every year, few actually venture up the harder neighbour. In fact, I found the scrambling to be so enjoyable that I was somewhat disappointed to reach the summit of Mount Whyte so quickly. Solo climb after Mt Niblock from Chateau Lake Louise where my wife enjoyed a sunny lunch on the patio. Niblock less than a month ago, so I had all of the fresh memories regarding the entire route. Consider things such as access and accommodation at the base of Mount Whyte, as … However, while Mt. Dinah and I teamed up with the Hostel Hostel Outdoor Group to scramble up Mount Niblock. Wait for snow free conditions to do Mount Whyte. Goat Pass can be used for alternate descent route for St. Piran. MattGreene - Dec 1, 2007 6:22 pm Traverse . Scramble: RT 9.0; 4.5 up. However, while Mt. Then, you will scramble up the rockband, there's an easy way right in the middle. From behind Lake Agnes a faint but well cairned trail branches off from the Big Beehive trail. The scramble up from Lake Agnes to the Niblock-Whyte Col is mostly a moderate venture. It’s summit can be seen from Lake Agnes, which also is the access point for the route. Make no mistake – a fall from this section would be fatal. For full route details, please refer to Kane’s (2016) Scrambles. Be the first to submit your climbing note! Already at an early hour the first horde of tourists had begun trickling to Lake Louise. Difficult Scramble. Route line for Whyte. But it's not a "roadside … Whyte is usually combined with Mount Niblock (2,976 m (9,764 ft)) when done as a scramble. At the west end of Lake Agnes, I went off trail to bouldering field. We managed to deviate off route through here on the way down which made things quite spicy! View 11 Photos . You are here. It was a great time. When we made our scramble up the gully to summit the peaks there was only one group on the route that day, despite a packed Lake Louise. June 12, 2013 2702m Kananaskis - Exshaw / Bow Valley, AB Mt. Hiking Rocky Scramble Completed in September 1st, 2019 on a cloudy / rainy day Hard and exposed scramble once you reach Mount Whyte.

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