Placing Ability Scores. You can use this feature twice. The most common design for hunting or combat spears since ancient times has incorporated … I like the versatility of this weapon, which packages up several cool abilities that already exist in 5e D&D but rarely get used in my experience. This stops any movement they may have been taking. Cookies enable you to enjoy certain features, social sharing functionality, and tailor message and display ads to your interests on our site and others. In my opinion, their subsequent attempt at clarifying the rules didn’t help all that much. For melee I would sub-divide into two weapons. Whenever you hit a creature with an opportunity attack, its speed drops to 0 for the rest of the turn. Well, I planned on taking advantage of multiclassing to Rogue to get Sneak Attack and the Assassin's 3rd level features. Morningstar, very rare You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. It would do more damage than the dagger, but lack the Light property. 7. Pimp out your player character with 9 new weapon feats for 5e D&D, including Axe Master, Fencing Master, Flail Master, Knife Thrower and Sword Master. The hanger (Obs. I agree that they've under-thought the way spear combat works, but that doesn't need to stop you. It bothers me a bit than you HAVE to be a monk to do that, tough - a "finesse spear" is no stranger than a one-handed quarterstaff - but I can't sey the archetype is not in the book. You can see normally in darkness, both magical and nonmagical, to a distance of 120 feet. The long length means a little movement goes a long way at the tip. On a success, if a creature spends a Hit Die during this rest, that creature can forgo the roll and instead regain the maximum number of hit points the die can restore. Cost 1 gp Weight 3 lbs. It would do less damage than the rapier, because it is a simple weapon. A spear is perhaps long, but most of it is made of hickory or ash, and not terribly thick. Starlight Spear, first name Mingxing, was a member of Team Spear with Heartful Punch’s mother, Moonlight Spear. 5e Community. 5E Eldritch spear + spellsniper + distant spell. The bonus unarmed attack can be a kick, a headbutt or knee strike, or he can take a hand off the spear to do it. Doing all of this and also keeping the rules simple and short created quite a bit of confusion. Due to their shape, the centre of gravity is about halfway along the shaft. On top of that, you have two hands on it easily enough, and those hands can be spaced apart. Dungeons and Dragons dnd 5e, 1. You can skip right … If you center the darkness on yourself, you can do so again after either a short or long rest. "But what about the wushu spear", you might say. Well, I admit 5e has got this one covered, because the spear is a decent weapon for a monk. Community portal Forum Activity Explore. A festive softcover of holiday-themed D&D 5E resources, including the short adventure 'Presents for Goblins'. Little else is known about her, other than that she remained in contact with HP and most likely retired safely from being a magical girl. Creatures within your reach provoke opportunity attacks even if they took the Disengage action. A spear is a simple one-handed melee weapon in the spear weapon group. Dreadful Word. "yeah, I'm gonna make a bad-ass fighter like Leonidas in 300!" Still, it is a common fantasy archetype. Starting at 2nd level, you can use your action to magically assume the shape of a beast that you have seen before. You regain expended uses when you finish a short or long rest. They aren't going to be able to effectively use a long spear and shield in their typical skirmish combat situation. The head may be simply the sharpened end of the shaft itself, as is the case with fire hardened spears, or it may be made of a more durable material fastened to the shaft, such as flint, obsidian, iron, steel or bronze. Upon casting this spell, one or more giant spears of ice lance up out of the ground. Again, I don't think it is really necessary (Just get a shortsword and call it a spear). Her hair and eyes were colored a gradient from light turquoise to yellow. Adventurers wouldn't ever try to do that, at least not 5e small squad adventurers. Lances are ONLY used on horseback or to set against a cavalry charge, depending on the model. Looking for ideas on making a spear specialist, someone who can put it to great use in all forms of combat, 2 handed, 2 handed, and thrown. whinyard, whinger, cuttoe), wood-knife or hunting sword is a long knife or short sword that hangs from the belt and was popular as both a hunting tool and weapon of war. A short spear that does 1d6 and can be used with a shield 2. He takes a spear to the chest fighting a skeletal mob, and his group decides to take a small break to let him walk it off. Blunderbuss. Falchion and cutlass. The only time he needs to have two hands on the spear to get the d8 Versatile bonus is when he's actively attacking with it. This post represents my thoughts on the subject and how I deal with it using a couple of house rules. Starlight Spear was a short girl of Chinese origin with tan skin. The text “within 5 feet of you” has been removed from the second benefit. Damage 1d4 (small), 1d6 (medium) Critical x2 Type piercing Range Increment 20 ft. (thrown) Category one-handed Proficiency simple Weapon Groups spears, thrown, tribal. The two easiest fixes would be: a. talk to your DM, and ask if you can have a q-staff that does piercing damage instead of bludgeoning (i.e. Holding the spear there means you lose half your effective length. Tavern Brawler (p. 170). Roll20 uses cookies to improve your experience on our site. Yes, spears count as monk weapons. Weapon Master (p. 170). You can use either head as the primary weapon. The 5e spear is actually quite good, not bad - it has so many extras attached on it that the trident, the martial equivalent, is heavier but has the exact same stats - either a goof for the trident writer, or an acknowledgement that the 'simple' spear is overpowered. Dragonspear Castle was a dwarven fortress built upon the High Moor during the 13th century DR. Due to this, pistol grips often have metal butts that allow them to be used as effective clubs. Its spear head is a piercing weapon that deals 1d6 points of damage. You can cast confusion once using a warlock spell slot. The urgrosh’s axe head is a slashing weapon that deals 1d8 points of damage. Next Last. A creature can do so only once per rest, regardless of how many Hit … Elegant solutions to better combat. Go. We’ll take our level 5 character from earlier, he has 4d10+1d12 hit dice (4d10 from 4 levels of Fighter, and 1d12 from 1 level of Barbarian). A spear is a monk weapon so that could lead down a more agile form of spear combat. ©2016&Wizards&of&the&Coast&LLC& 4&)The)extra)reachis)a)minor)ability,)but)one)that) reflectsthe)spear’snature)in)a)simple,)easy)way.) 5e dnd Yklwa and other special weapons in dnd 5e spells: Actually, the Yklwa (or Iklwa) was a type of spear in parts of Africa. Hi guys, I've recently crafted 9 new weapon feats for 5e D&D, to fill in the gaps left by Crossbow Expert, Defensive Duellist, Great Weapon Master, Polearm Master and Sharp Shooter. Devil’s Sight. The falchion (French braquemart, Spanish bracamarte) proper is a wide straight-bladed but curved edged hanger or long knife. A great spear that does 1d8 can only be used two handed and no shield. Thread starter delph; Start date Oct 5, 2020; 1; 2; 3; Next. During a short rest, you can clean and bind the wounds of up to six willing beasts and humanoids. The text “and unarmed strikes” has been removed from the second benefit. Thunderstar. Javalin (3-4ft, heavily weighted) Short spears (4-6ft long, Used 1handed with a light shield) and Spears (8-10ft) 1hded with a heavy shield, or can be used 2hded), Pikes (or Long-shaft Halberds) (12-14ft) (2hded), Lances (12-16ft) (1 handed, mounted only). Small characters must wield it two-handed, and they deal no extra damage for doing so. short rest.” A new third paragraph has been in- ... been changed to “quarterstaff, or spear.” Sentinel (p. 169). The other is the off-hand weapon. I find it rather bad that the monk weapons and their unarmed attacks are just listed as 'using strength or dexterity' instead of 'finesse'. log in or register to remove this ad . Adventurers aren't formation fighters any more. Tool)Feats) Sentinel. I thought to get a Shortsword instead due to it being a finesse weapon. A shortspear is about 3 feet in length, making it a suitable thrown weapon. You can use them during short rests to regain health, and make that prolonged dungeon a bit more survivable. a hand-separ) -- that's still a STR weapon (which is reasonable, and a 14-str dex-based fighter is still perfectly viable in the 5e system. A spear is a pole weapon consisting of a shaft, usually of wood, with a pointed head. Spear - 1d6 piercing - Finesse. I have always liked spears for their versatility and with Spear Master the feat out it is much more reasonable. 1 of 3 Go to page. Holding it anywhere else means one end will drag, slowing you down. Make a DC 15 Wisdom (Medicine) check for each creature. delph Explorer. Effect 1 ice spear/4 levels Duration instantaneous Saving Throw Reflex half and see below; Spell Resistance no. Despite its short range, a pistol is still a formidable weapon, and is often used as a self-defense weapon. DESCRIPTION . Each stalagmite-like icicle affects a 5-foot square and tapers to a height of 10 feet. [PH:218]A spear is a versatile weapon, so medium characters may wield it two-handed to deal 1 extra damage. (It’s worth noting that this feat has been errata and now includes spears as a “polearm”.) Even short spears are fairly hard to manoeuvre with one hand. General Tabletop Discussion *Dungeons & Dragons . I’m using the 5e standard array of 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8, which aptly suits our needs. If you use a ready action to set a spear against a charge, you deal double damage on a successful hit against a charging character. Prerequisite: 7th level. Community. It had a long and storied history within Western Heartlands. Your druid level determines the beasts you can transform into, as shown in Table: Beast Shapes. Once a creature has benefitted from this effect, it must finish a short or long rest before being able to benefit from it again.

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