What We Do

We provide Event Management, Technical Production and Site Management services for Festivals, stadium concerts and events across the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Event Management

Event management can be a complex beast – but over the years we’ve got it down to a fine art . Every detail is considered, no stone is left unturned and no loo is left without loo-roll.

We offer strategy, planning, end-to-end coordination and management for events of all shapes and sizes. 

From large stadium concerts to corporate conferences, we take care of every detail of the event management; front of house, back of house, in the house – you name it, we’re on it. 

By leaving the nitty gritty and the heavy lifting to us, you’re able to crack on and plan your own day at your event.

We make sure you’re able to mingle with your colleagues and stakeholders, enjoy the show and reveal in seeing all your hard work come together.

Organisations with plenty of ideas and not so much time.

Event management is the ideal service for those managers or founders who want a team of experts to pull together all the elements of their event safely, sustainably, on time and within budget.

Every event is different, and so are their specific requirements, but typically we scope events and set the budget, timelines and checklists before procuring your suppliers and contractors. Then, we coordinate office staff, production, site crew and other staffing teams. 

Site Management

Ever heard the saying ‘an event is only as good as its site management’? No, neither have we – we just made it up. But it’s not total nonsense, great site management is key to a successful event!

Our site management service offers everything you need to pull off a safe, compliant and memorable event site.

Whether you’ve found the perfect plot and are starting with a blank canvas or are working within the confines of an established building with tight protocol, we’ll help you tackle all the details.

  • Site design & planning
  • Supplier & Contractor Sourcing 
  • Toilets, Security, Refuse & Recycling bin calculations
  • Plant requirements (no, not houseplants)
  • Sustainability and environmental management
  • Exit and entry lanes and widths and flow rates
  • Scheduling and budget management
  • Site teams and logging to pull it all together 

Site management is great for an existing event or production team who need additional support to ensure their beautiful and creative dream becomes a safe, compliant and successful reality. 

We’ve got decades of experience behind us and continue to evolve our processes in line with new regulations and best practices to ensure we offer not only the best but the safest and most compliant site management solutions.

Site management is all about safety, quality and protocol. This service could include site design, sourcing, logistics and budget management. 

We’ll use tried and tested formulas and technology to measure, plan and design your site to maximise flow rates, minimise toilet queues and ensure all refuse and recycling remains in its assigned seat. 

Our experienced prioritise crew and attendee fun and enjoyment without compromising safety.

Technical Production

Technical production is the hands-on process of turning your ideas into an all-singing, all-dancing reality. 

Be it pizza for 5000 or festival shenanigans for 50,000, every event has a technical requirement in one format or another. And the truth is, lighting, sound, visual and creative production can make or break an event.

Our creative process, affinity for detailed spreadsheets, logistical accuracy and seemingly infinite black book of industry contacts makes for a killer event production cocktail. 

From festival stages, brand activations or conference halls, we deliver the highest standard in technical production no matter what venue (or field) we find ourselves in.

This service is best for event managers, brands or existing teams who have all the plans, ideas and makings of a standout event, but need some techy-experts to help pull it all together. 

We’ll help with your design and strategy to make sure the budget and timeline accommodates your vision, then we’ll crack on and deliver on our word.

Our technical production service covers planning, procurement and creation. 

Be it lighting, rigging, power, screens, video walls or live streaming – we’ll make sure you’ve got all the bells and whistles to make your event technically brilliant.

We're here to bring your dream event to life

Whether you’re ready to get going or the ball’s been rolling for a little while, we’ll step in where needed, ease your workload and create something exciting to make you, and your brand, look great.

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